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Large transport cruiser –

Been fun doing this piece while listening to radiohead’s Kid A

Quick sketch before i sleeeeepp

Semi Nomadic Herdsman

nanana batmann

Till the very last drop.
You cant seem to stop

Dinner and belated birthday for Rus and me with the dneg peeps ! good times ! Rus was talking about the old Twin Peaks series
Kinda forgot how trippy and weird that show was.  Kinda order weebit too much food but haha we managed to *almost* finish i

Wohoo i got a DIY contact microphone!
Thank you so much for this wonderful gift Nizhen! one of the awesome-st gift i received
It worked really well , i will post a tune of it soon
and look how bright it glows next to the other effects boxes 🙂


 Covers of NIN/Johhny Cash and Nirvana i did over past few weeks ago

i just have to post this up cause it cracks me up