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Exit Strategy

Exit Strategy II

Exit Strategy III

Hi , my name is tharlock and I’m a alcoholic .

great job on those who worked on Batman Dark Knight Rise in Double Negative
Great closure to the trilogy

You build your life around their lies.

Moving along
Somewhere in japan

Skating Skully doing some skating stuff

‘This is heavy-duty, Doc’
quick one before bed

“What’s the point”

Yay our 6th years and a gazzillionsss more to come!

Someone got herself a Bobby Chiu Original acrylic painting for our 6th years anniversary : )

Glad you like it moo : ) Thank you being with me , in good and bad times . love you a gazillion brush  bristles moo

Bobby painted on his new World of Warcraft card TCG Army of Undeath

and my moo presents me with this beautiful book which I’ve been search high and low .

Thank you so much moo for the great gift for our 6th years .
A beautiful inspiring *really hard to get* book .
” if you didn’t know what ‘ matte painting ‘ is ,it is because you weren’t meant to , until now ”
Looking at how the legends did it in the past is absolutely jaw-dropping .


Video with tracks I’ve put together/shot

Music – Zal -Empty- We are Stardust (Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Video The Known Universe by AMNH

Narration: TIME Magazine’s “10 Questions for Neil Degrasse Tyson”

And it will moo , it really will *hug

Disclaimer – I do not own any of the video or images

Videos are from

BBC Documentary Planet Earth
If A Tree Falls_ A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

Audio speech by Carl Sagan

Music by Zal Empty


Hope everyone looking/reading this is doing well .
Moonwalks out of frame.


Pardon the lack of updates . Been extremely occupied .

Had a great weekend i say.Great time at Jason Mraz show.
Glad to see mirah and her sister enjoying themselves . We also helped out someone to give out flyers on vegetarianism before the show lol

Downside was. getting out from the gardens by the bay. had one of the worst exit ever. took us almost an hr just to get out from the show to the near by train station. i believed due to the pathway and the bridge is unable to cope the number of ppl crossing it. it was swaying when we were on it.And it looked theres only one exit out of the place.  someone in the crowd joke that we were like from a zombie apocalypse cause of our movement out of the darn place and the silly looking structure that reminds me of Umbrella Cooperation from resident evil 😛

On another positive is great that Jason gives a shout out for tomorrow PinkDot 2012 😀
Image from ami’s wordpress : )

The vibe for this year pinkdot2012 was wonderful .Glad to be part of 15,000 people coming together to support the freedom to love ,regardless of sexual orientation


Before PinkDot , Ami and I met with our friend from Spain ,  Isra ,who is here studying Feng Zhu’s course .We had a good time chatting and sketching the afternoon away.

sketch/lunch with Isra

Dr Lim Hock Siew – A Singaporean Patriot

That We May Dream Again – Faith ,Justice And the ISA 

Dr Lim Hock Siew, detained for almost 20 years without trail , in 1963, passed away on 4 June 2012. He was 81.

Paintings and studies i’ve done recently

Lannister study

Picked up the brushes ,acrylic and painted a few pieces over the week or so
Been working digital painting often that , brain keep telling me to CTRL Z when i made a mistake.
Haha traditional medium isn’t that forgiving.   acrylic on acrylic paper were use for this .

marilyn monroe Work in progress

marilyn monroe

albert einstein work in progress

albert einstein

Thom Yorke work in progress

Thom Yorke

and i end off this entry with 2 tracks i recorded recently
Hope everyone had a great week !