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Got inspired by a photograph taken by Mike

2hrs paint in photoshop

Wohoo i’m 30 this year ,on a contrary of popular culture of losing one youth,
i never ever want to be where i was many years ago, cause it was harmful , trying and difficult situation to live in . In fact i’m looking forward for the years to come ,the ppl/cultures i will meet/learn, self education and this life is worth living very finite time we have here . No , i’m not in a state of denial . Not too long i only started living, and damn well i’m not gonna waste any moment of it .

Had dinner with friends , gah the onion rings are awesome, but a tad too pricey for me  to indulge frequently .

hehe  I know im a jackass, thankful but im an annoying jackass 🙂

Clean up my guitar setup and the cluster around it, took out the old BOSS pedal board and tidy up the wires . Introducing the telecaster at the back there.Got it second hand  from a friend  and a slight superficial chip but I’m really digging the single coil twang- ly sound  ,goes  really well with the 15watt tube amp .”pops” out well during recording .

Recorded this tune with the telecaster and taranado
Downloadable ,lyrics and link to the track

A song i wrote when someone close to us pass away

Hope everyone had a great long weekend